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May 20, 2020

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Best scales to use in a warehouse

RICE LAKE CLS-420 Forklift Scale

At Weighing Technologies, Inc, headquartered in Seabrook, Texas, we are experts in industrial scales. In this article, we’re going to talk specifically about warehouse scales. Warehouse scales are useful for weighing products that will be shipped to a customer, as shipping costs can be calculated on the basis of the weight of the product going out. Also, sometimes the amount a company charges a client for a product is based on weight, so weighing becomes essential, and accuracy as well. Floor scales are the traditional scale application in a warehouse. But did you know that you can actually weigh your products that are going out for shipping right from a forklift? This is called a forklift scale, like the Rice Lake CLS-920i® Forklift Scale on this page of our website, The CLS-920i® scale carriage is compatible with Class II 16 in (H) or Class III 20 in (H) forklift cleat type carriages.

We also have another model that we carry, the Rice Lake CLS-420 Forklift Scale, which can be seen on this page of our website, The CLS-420’s scale carriage is also compatible with Class II (16 in H) or III (20 in H) forklift cleat type carriages. What’s amazing about these forklift scales is that they can weigh your products while they are directly on the forklift. You don’t have to put them on a floor scale anymore. And you can send this weight wirelessly to your warehouse management system with the 802.15 wireless cell kit scale-to-indicator system. This is a tremendous advantage for warehouse scales and warehouse scale applications as it increases efficiency and provides the necessary accuracy for your industry’s application, whatever that may be.

The Rice Lake CLS-920i® indicator has a standard user program with data collection and limited transaction storage including selectable tracking number, employee ID, pallet dimensions, product and customer fields. It also features selectable built in applications such as checkweigh, accumulation, auto store and more.

We also carry a similar warehouse scale called the Rice Lake RL-HPJ Hand Pallet Jack Scale. This can be very useful for quickly getting product out the door for shipment, especially if it’s a lighter load. the RL-HPJ offers maximum precision for tracking shipping and receiving weights. Battery power keeps the weighing and transport process moving, while the integrated digital indicator provides a clear weight readout in any lighting condition. With a Rice Lake pallet jack scale, material handling is faster and more efficient for your warehouse.

Using a forklift to transfer cargo from a warehouse to a floor scale, and then to a final destination, wastes time, money and floor space. Now you can weigh, transfer and collect data in one efficient operation and reassign the space previously occupied by the floor scale. Rice Lake’s CLS-920i forklift scale, the CLS-420 forklift scale and the RL-HPJ Hand Pallet Jack Scale save operator time, equipment costs and eliminates the middle step.

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