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Truck Scales

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From farming and transportation to construction and shipping, truck scales play an integral role in a wide array of businesses in various industries. In recent years, the demand for customizable, industry-specific truck scales has led to more innovative designs that can be utilized on unstable and undulated surfaces. These scales also facilitate the strict adherence to safety precautions and applicable state and federal mandates as well. Built with a tough and rigid composition, truck scales are convenient to transport, easy to install, cost-effective, and completely accurate.

Therefore, if you’re moving products by the truckload, investing in a vehicle scale is a great strategy that can help your business save money and achieve peak measurements, while staying compliant.

What is a Truck Scale Anyway?

A truck scale is a heavyweight measurement system usually mounted in a solid foundation (concrete, etc). It’s used to weigh an assortment of hefty materials that can’t be feasibly weighed by smaller scales.

And How is a Truck Scale Used?

Many states have laws to collect taxes based on the weight of transported goods. For this reason, truck scales can be implemented to weigh trucks for tax purposes and to ensure that these freighters abide by the safety guidelines of the state’s road system. Truck scales can also weigh the truck’s payload by subtracting the weight of the truck from the total weight reported by the scale. This can be useful in the farming industry, for example, where trucks carry rice, soybeans or corn to the dryers or possibly markets.

How Do Truck Scales Work?

A truck scale has a simple design that allows trucks to be easily and accurately weighed. To weigh the truck, it’s driven over a weighing surface that will provide its measurements. Once this is complete, the load cell transfers the calculations to a remote terminal. To ensure that the load cell is working at optimal efficiency, it’s secured by a strong casing for protection. Furthermore, to ensure the protection of your vehicle, the scale is designed with ramps for guidance into the load cell. With a simplistic design, using a truck scale can be a convenient part of your business.

Benefits of Using a Truck Scale

Truck scales are designed to accurately weigh vehicles with single or multiple axles. The following benefits of this scale are:

  • Truck scales are often portable, which makes it easy to install. No special training is required for assembly.
  • Truck scales are highly durable, easy to transport, and resilient to environmental damage.
  • Truck scales are usually built with a reliable overload protection system.
  • Truck scales are built for heavy-duty operations. Its accuracy will not waver due to immense objects.
  • Truck scales are compact and do not require a lot of storage space.

How would I Find a Quality Truck Scale?

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