Scale and Weighing Equipment Installation Services

At Weighing Technologies, Inc. it all starts with listening to you! Our sales and systems installation team will work with you to develop your ideas into the weighing system you need. We believe it’s about providing you with a total solution to your weighing needs.

New Scale Installation

Weighing Technologies Inc. is not only capable of selling any type of scale on the market today, but will also install, calibrate, and maintain those scales. Whether you have made your scale purchase through us or on your own, we can arrange all of the details necessary to install the scale properly. We handle large projects involving civil design of scale foundations and drainage for the installation of Rail Car Scales and Truck Scales. We also provide installation of new and replacement load cell mounts for tank and silo applications. In addition, Weigh Tech also provides complete Intrinsically Safe installations for scales in areas classified as Hazardous or Explosive.

Laboratory Equipment & Balances

Weighing Technologies Inc. can provide precision solutions with a variety of laboratory equipment and balances. From consumable products, such as weigh boats and spatulas, to pipettes and meters, to bench-top lab balances. But we don’t stop there either. Let us provide you with test weights with NVLAP or NIST traceable certification. And when your test weights need re-certification from an accredited laboratory, we can help you with that too!

Mechanical Scale Refurbishment

Weighing Technologies Inc. is capable of refurbishing or overhauling any existing mechanical scale, as long as the parts needed to repair the scale are available. Older model Howe Richardson, Fairbanks, and Toledo scales that are still in use today may still be used for many more years if they are well maintained. Part of that maintenance includes an overhaul of the mechanical load points, checking systems, and levers when needed. Prior to beginning work on any scale, we will determine any major problems with the scale, and estimate the cost of repair. Once the scale is refurbished, the technician will calibrate the scale to meet industry requirements.

These mechanical scales are often converted to newer technology, involving installation of electronic load cells and digital indicators. Weigh Tech can design the particular needs required to make a successful conversion, leaving you with a state of the art scale system that can efficiently manage all of your scale dat.