About us

Excellent Service, Reliable Products, Quality Workmanship Weighing Technologies, Inc. opened our doors in 1995, and we have grown from a small company working with a few local customers, to a corporation supporting a vast industry along the Texas Gulf Coast Region. However, with all this growth, Weighing Technologies, Inc. has not lost sight of what brought us to where we are today.


Our Mission Statement

At Weighing Technologies, Inc. tradition in excellence, along with our commitment to quality, continued improvement and complete customer satisfaction, out-weighs all others in the scale industry.

Friendly, Prompt Service

We pride ourselves on surpassing our customer’s expectations by offering friendly, prompt service 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Even though we only sell the highest quality products, we feel that our greatest assets are our people.

The Largest Independent Scale Company on the Texas Gulf Coast

Weighing Technologies, Inc. has 3 locations serving Houston, Freeport, and Beaumont, as well as areas surrounding those cities. We are the largest independent Scale Company on the Texas Gulf Coast, which means we have the ability to sell, install and service any and all brands of scale systems, filling systems, and conveying systems. We currently have 16+ factory/field trained technicians with over 130 years of accumulated scale experience.

Quality Assured

Weighing Technologies, Inc. is the first scale company in the state of Texas to gain ISO 9001 certification with ISO 17025-2017 accreditation. This is your assurance of quality workmanship, service and company integrity!