Preventative Scale Maintenance and Why You Need to Stay on Top of it in 2020

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Preventative Scale Maintenance and Why You Need to Stay on Top of it in 2020

Preventative Scale Maintenance Truck Weighing Technologies

When you drop a rock into a lake, the water around it ripples. In the same way, if you don’t stay on top of scale maintenance, your business could end up feeling the repercussions, such as unplanned downtime and inaccurate readings. Preventative maintenance can address these issues before they even arise. You can do preventative maintenance yourself or find a professional nearby to do it for you, like Weighing Technologies, Incorporated. Regularly calibrating your scales through preventative maintenance also prevents you from having to do internal audits to conform to state and federal weighing regulations.


What is Preventative Scale Maintenance?

Preventative Scale Maintenance is necessary to keep equipment at peak performance and can also prolong a scale’s lifespan. It involves consistently checking to ensure that your scales are correctly calibrated to prevent any potential losses stemming from inaccurate weight readings. At Weighing Technologies Inc., we offer two different preventative maintenance programs, Rail/Truck Scale Calibrations, and In-Plant Scale Calibrations. With these programs, scale inspections will be regularly performed which will ensure your scales are in good condition and prevent any unwanted problems from arising. These calibrations are carried out using NIST Handbook 44 guidelines, as well as the ISO 17025-2017 calibration standards.


Truck Scale Calibrations

Truck scale calibrations performed when using the preventative maintenance program will begin with a visual inspection. After the visual inspection, a build-up test will be performed on the scale, as well as a heavy section test on each section with any necessary adjustments being made throughout. To view in detail what will occur during the rest of the inspection, visit the page on our website about our Truck Scale Calibrations Preventative Maintenance program.


In-Plant Scale Calibrations

Similar to the Truck Scale Calibrations, a visual scan will be performed first with an In-Plant Scale Calibration. However, the surrounding area will also be inspected. Minor adjustments may be made at this step. After that, certified weights will be repeatedly used to provide readings. Then any adjustments will be made, and a sticker of certification will be placed on the unit. You will also be given a detailed report. For more detailed information on what occurs during the In-Plant Scale Calibrations, checkout this page on our website.


Why You Should Be Using Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Equipment in Top Shape

The Preventative Maintenance program is effective because the inspections are performed on a regular basis. If there’s ever a problem with any of your equipment, you’ll know before it starts to spiral into a bigger issue which could cause losses for your company in the long run, such as equipment repairs, inaccurate readings, or downtime. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the environment your scales are functioning in plays a part in the efficiency of the scale, which is why during our In-Plant Scale Calibrations, the area around the scale is also surveyed. Overall, using Preventative Maintenance is an important precaution which should be taken when working with scales. Not calibrating your scale is like playing an out of tune guitar. It will never produce the results you want.


We at Weighing Technologies Inc.  know that scales can malfunction at any time. Contact our technicians today at (281) 474-5277 to learn more about the preventative scale maintenance programs we offer.