Carbis single hatch truck loading system in front of some palm trees.
CARBIS SOLUTIONS Single Hatch Truck Loading & Fall Protection Systems
March 22, 2021
Two men stand on a Carbis Solutions elevated truck platform above a tank truck.
CARBIS SOLUTIONS ISO Container Loading Platforms
March 24, 2021

CARBIS SOLUTIONS Multi Hatch Truck Loading & Fall Protection Systems

Multiple Hatch Operations Allow For Faster Loading With Carbis

Reduce safety risks and increase productivity with multiple hatch loading solutions

A dangerous situation is depicted where a man without a helmet is holding a bar and standing on the top of a railroad tank car. He has now support from a caged enclosure with a floor.When faced with multi-hatch truck loading situations, operators are often caught in a bind. The fall protection that keeps them safe can interfere with the opening and closing of the hatches themselves. All too often this results in the operators lifting the cages out of the way to open the hatch, putting themselves in harms way, like we see here in the picture to the right. Don’t do this.

At Weigh-Tech, we offer a variety of Carbis truck loading racks that provide safe access to trucks with multiple hatches. We can integrate and retrofit loading solutions to existing infrastructure, minimizing downtime and construction costs.

Benefits Of Choosing Carbis Solutions From Weigh-Tech For Your Truck Access Needs:

Weigh-Tech can help you integrate a truck loading rack into existing sites, minimizing the costs of construction and keeping facilities in operation. Carbis has chosen to partner with us, and they have been providing fall protection solutions for more than 40 years. We look forward to sharing this experience with you on your next project!

Many Carbis products can help safely access trucks with multiple hatches, including:

  • Tracking Gangway Systems for Loading Racks
  • Elevating Truck Cages (modals)
  • Articulating Truck Cage Loading Racks (TCEN)
  • Extended Cage Systems

Truck Loading Fall Protection Equipment

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. You need flexibility with your truck loading solution which accommodates every configuration possible. Also, you need a truck fall protection solution that not only efficiently loads vehicles, but also protects workers.

Gangways track the entire length of the Loading Rack.Reliable Access That Moves With You

Built to Increase Efficiency. Our track-mounted gangways move horizontally along a steel track, allowing safe access to locations on top of your trucks and railcars.. A tracking gangway is ideal when there is variation in lengths of vehicles and/or hatch openings that must be accessed. For even greater access, multiple gangways can be used on the same track to allow spotting at numerous rail cars at once.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.