Weighing Technologies, Inc. rental scales are an inexpensive alternative for customers who require a scale only a few times a year. Savings are realized with the elimination of capital investment, maintenance and storage costs. With many scales in our rental fleet, we can fulfill almost any requirements, from bench scales to portable floor scales and truck scales.

Why rent from Weighing Technologies, Inc.?

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Delivery services available
  • All scales come with ISO 17025 accredited certificate of calibration

Reasons to rent temporary scales:

  • You have an inventory control to do and don’t want to buy scales. We offer a variety of bench scales, counting scales, and floor scales.
  • Don’t have enough scales to handle your peak season overload or maybe you have a scale breakdown that is stopping production. We offer a variety of floor scales to help you get through the tough times.
  • Do you build odd sized equipment and want to weigh them before shipping? We offer crane scales and compression load cell systems that are perfect for weighing any odd shaped items.
  • You can’t afford to wait for a truckload of goods to be weighed at a weigh station. We offer axle weigh scale systems and fully portable truck scale systems that you can weigh all your trucks without them ever leaving your facility.
  • Do you have a very unique weighing application? We offer Load Cell Arrangement Systems that can be custom fit to your needs.

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