A Carbis Solutions safety cage is set upon a tanker railcar for loading and/or maintenance.
CARBIS SOLUTIONS Custom Safety Cages
April 6, 2021
Two Carbis Solutions top loading arms are positioned above tanker railcars to load them.
April 7, 2021


Custom Solutions Integrated With Your Fall Prevention Equipment

Let Weigh-Tech design the best top loading arms for your application.

The vast majority of chemical loading takes place via the top of the tanker or rail car. With gravity taking care of most of the work, the top fill and bottom drain are simplistic but effective. Any special requirements can then be carried out by the loading arm, either to capture vapor, or to meter the amount of product being dispensed.

At Weigh-Tech, we serve the petroleum, chemical and food industries, providing loading/unloading systems for safe and efficient handling of all types of liquids.

Weigh-Tech provides a variety of Carbis Solutions top loading arms including:

  • Single Arm Fixed Reach
  • Scissor Type Arm
  • Supported Boom Arm
  • Unsupported Boom Arm

The benefits of Top Loading Arms:

  • Ability to adjust spring in any direction
  • Product compatibility with metals and seals
  • Adaptable to tight-fill or closed system loading
  • Strong swivel/spring capacity allows for longer arm reach
  • Variety of swivel joints provide flexibility and leak-free operation
  • Wide range of motion provides the ability to reach more openings

A top loading arm sits above a catwalk on a loading platform.

Let us design the best top loading arm solution for your application

Carbis Solutions is the only company who designs and manufactures loading arms and fall protection equipment in the same facility. Get your Carbis Solutions top loading arm here through Weigh-Tech!

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.