Ionizing Strips
NRD Ionizing Strips
June 25, 2019
NRD Ionmaster
NRD Ionmaster
July 1, 2019

NRD Static Brushes


NRD is the industry leader for providing advanced ionization products to eliminate electrostatic discharge and static attraction. The success of NRD devices is based on unique and extremely effective ionization sources that use alpha-energy to neutralize static electricity. Unlike electrical ionization systems, NRD ion sources don’t just control static, they eliminate it by providing a constant balance of ±zero volts.

The ion sources are entirely self-powered and never require any calibration or adjustment. Therefore, there are no operating costs associated with them throughout their lifetime.

Because NRD ion sources do not require electricity and are completely safe, they are ideal for use in any application, including highly-volatile environments.

Static charge buildup is the cause of many production problems including downtime, reduced product quality, and ultimately increased costs and reduced profits. Although the static charges can not be seen, they are quite noticeable. Thousands of volts of electricity can easily accumulate on the surfaces of in-process materials. This buildup can ignite combustibles, shock personnel, destroy sensitive electronic components, and cause many types of production problems. In addition, static attraction of dirt, dust and other foreign matter contaminates products and process equipment, which intensifies processing problems.

NRD alpha-energy devices rapidly neutralize charged materials. This is accomplished by emitting a flood of both positively and negatively charged ions in the vicinity of the affected material. The charged material then attracts a sufficient quantity of oppositely charged ions to completely eliminate its static charge.

NRD alpha-energy ion sources totally eliminate static buildup, not just reduce it, as with other methods of static control. As with all types of ion sources, ionized air has absolutely no adverse effects on personnel.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.

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