RICE LAKE 1280 Enterprise™ Series Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller
RICE LAKE 1280 Enterprise™ Series Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller
July 5, 2019
RICE LAKE 882D Belt Scale Integrator
RICE LAKE 882D Belt Scale Integrator
July 5, 2019

RICE LAKE 920i® Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

Standard Features

  • LCD display, (W x H) 4.6 in x 3.4 in
  • Selectable character sizes from 0.25 in to 1.2 in
  • 60 configurable operator prompts
  • Display up to four scale channels per screen with required Legal for Trade information
  • 32 scale accumulators
  • Five softkeys with 10 user-defined, 14 preset functions per screen
  • Ten programmable display screens
  • Millivolt calibration, five-point linearization and geographical calibration
  • NEMA Type 4X/IP66 stainless steel enclosure
  • Selectable A/D measurement rate up to 960/second
  • 100 setpoints, 30 configurable setpoint types
  • Two slots for option cards
  • 1,000-ID truck register for in/out weighing
  • 64 K user on-board NV RAM
  • User programmable 128 K flash memory
  • Reflash memory to upgrade firmware
  • Power for 16 350-ohm load cells per A/D board
  • Local-remote indicators
  • Multi range/interval
  • Alibi™ storage
  • Audit trail tracking
  • Peak hold
  • Rate of change

USB Standard Features

  • USB interface card on Port 2
  • The USB card is supported on Rev L CPU boards or later
  • The 920i for USB interface requires firmware version 5.0 or higher

Connector Types:

  • Standard Type A: 920i connects to keyboard,
    ASCII font label ticket printers and flash drives
  • Standard Type B: 920i connects to PC

USB Interface Functions:

  • Supports weigh mode and configuration mode functions
  • Supports upload of databases and .920 configuration file
  • Supports download of databases, .920 configuration file, iRite, COD file and firmware file
  • Sanity checks for command errors

Flash Drives:

  • Supports USB 2.0
  • Create subdirectories by unit ID and database name
  • Use the root directory for generic files

Optional Washdown Connectors:

  • Sealed receptacle
  • Connectors – cables
  • USB cover – flash drive and receptacle


The 920i® weight indicator and process controller blends revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator. A crisp, highly customizable LCD graphical display, programmable softkeys and industry recognized electronics are surrounded by a virtually indestructible enclosure to create one of the industry’s most trusted weight indicators and process controllers.

Adding an entirely new dimension in flexibility for solution providers and users alike, the 920i indicator/controller brings simplified customization at a fraction of the cost of traditional process instrumentation. From tailored basic weighing to complex process automation, the 920i gives you features, programmability and power for your process.

920i Programmable HMI Indicator/Controller Specifications:





920i Universal Dimensions:


920i Universal Dimensions
A 12.50 in (318 mm) D 4.61 in (117 mm) G 0.14 in (3.5 mm)
B 10.56 in (268 mm) E 10.87 in (276 mm) H 5.25 in (206 mm)
C 10.90 in (277 mm) F 8.50 in (216 mm)    


920i Deep Universal Dimensions:


920i Deep Universal Dimensions
A 12.50 in (318 mm) D 5.36 in (216 mm) F 8.50 in (216 mm)
B 10.76 in (273 mm) E 10.87 in (276 mm) G 5.88 in (149 mm)
C 10.90 in (277 mm)        


920i Wall Mount Dimensions:


920i Wall Mount Dimensions
A 14.30 in (363 mm) D 18.84 in (479 mm) F 14.30 in (363 mm)
B 11.00 in (279 mm) E 19.63 in (499 mm) G 6.75 in (171 mm)
C 18.00 in (462 mm)        


920i Panel Mount Dimensions:


920i Panel Mount Dimensions
A 11.56 in (294 mm) C 5.20 in (132 mm)
B 9.16 in (233 mm) D 7.95 in (202 mm)


Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.