RICE LAKE 150-10-5 Digital Physician Scale Eye-Level
July 31, 2019
RICE LAKE 560-10-1 Digital Chair Scale
July 31, 2019

RICE LAKE 250-10-2 Bariatric Handrail Scale

  • Handrails for extra support and safety
  • Integrated wheels for easy transport
  • Large, stable scale base
  • Push-button LCD display
  • BMI (body mass index) function
  • Hold function
  • Units of measure: lb only, kg only, lb/kg
  • Motiontrap™ movement compensation technology
  • EHR capable


Rice Lake’s 250-10-2 bariatric scale with handrail is designed for weighing patients who need extra support and safety. Advanced movement compensation technology eliminates error caused by involuntary movement of unsteady patients. Two heavy-duty rear wheels make it simple and effortless to move and store.

250-10-2 Specifications



250-10-2 Dimensions


   InchesInches CentimetersCentimeters
 A Inches20 CentimetersDimensions50.8
 B Inches25 CentimetersDimensions63.5
 C Inches3 CentimetersDimensions7.6
 D Inches25 CentimetersDimensions63.5
 E Inches34 CentimetersDimensions86.4
 F Inches44.5 CentimetersDimensions113

250-10-2 Shipping Weight

Shipping Weight
Part #Part # Model #Model # L (in)L (in) W (in) H (in) Package Wgt. (lb) Dim Wgt.(lb) Shipping Wgt.(lb)
Part #133119 Model #250-10-2 L (in)45 29 9 66 85 85
Part #168350 Model #250-10-2BT L (in)45 29 9 66 85 85


Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.