A man works from a Carbis Solutions elevated truck platform.
CARBIS SOLUTIONS Elevated Truck Platforms
March 22, 2021
Two Carbis elevated truck platforms are separated by a ladder. A tank truck is parked underneath one of them.
CARBIS SOLUTIONS ISO Container Safety Platform
March 22, 2021


Providing Heavy-Duty Stability

Structural steel pipe racks typically support pipes, power cables, and instrument trays in a variety of industrial settings. Occasionally, pipe racks also support mechanical equipment, vessels, and valve access platforms.

Carbis Piping Solutions Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum pipe diameter of 12” without insulation
  • Live load of 30 psf + 10 psf ice per level
  • Wind load per ASCE7 90 – 120 mph
  • Seismic load per ASCE7
  • Ground acceleration: Effective peak
  • acceleration Aa = .12. Effective peak velocity-related
  • acceleration Av = .11

T-Support Racks:

  • Single or double level design
  • Clear heights from 10’ to 20’
  • Support spacing at 10’, 15’, or 20’ per load and site requirements
  • Base plate mounting allows for easy installation
  • Standard cross arms are 4’ long

Bent Racks:

  • Single, double, or triple level design adds flexibility and expendability to your site
  • Clear heights from 10’ to 20’
  • Spacing at 20’, 25’, 30’, 40’, or 50’ per load and site requirements
  • Base plate mounting allows for easy installation
  • Bent inside dimension of 5’-4”, 7’-4”, or 9’-4”

Racks are NOT designed for longitudinal or lateral loads due to piping!

A Carbis solutions pipe rack extends over an asphalt area where trucks can come load fuel.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.