Equipoise Series Balance
RICE LAKE Equipoise Series Balance
May 21, 2019
A&D Weighing Ion BM Series
A&D Weighing Ion BM Series
May 21, 2019

A&D Weighing MC Series

  • Super hybrid sensor technology
  • Bright VFD display
  • Manage ASTM and OIML weights
  • Auto-centering pan included
  • Underhook weighing
  • Built-in calibration weight
  • GLP/LIM/ISO compliant
  • RS-232C


Improve mass comparison with the MC Series mass comparator by A&D Weighing. The MC Series and accessories are used for the management of masses in ASTM Class 2-7 and OIML Class F1 and below. When used as a high resolution balance, the MC Series enables measurements of minute weight changes in heavy objects as well as small variations with heavy tare containers. The MC series balances are perfect for many applications from laboratory to electronic manufacturing.

Weighing MC Series Specification Table


MC-1000^ MC-6100^ MC-10K^ MC-30K^
^ Weighing Chamber
** Repeatability when auto-centering is used under good ambient conditions
Part # 151262 151263 151264 151265
Capacity 1,100 g 6,100 g 10.1 kg 31 kg
Resolution 0.1 mg 0.001 g 0.001 g 0.01 g
Operating Modes Weighing, Percentage, Comparator
Weighing Units g, oz, lb, lb-oz, troy oz, ct, dwt, grain, momme
Repeatability** 0.0005 g/1 kg/0.0004 g/500 g 0.004 g/5 kg/0.0015 g/2 kg 0.005 g/10 kg/0.004 g/5 kg 0.015 g/20 kg
Linearity ±0.002 g ±0.02 g ±0.03 g ±0.2 g
Stabilization Time 5 seconds
Sensitivity Drift (10° C-30° C) ±2ppm/° C ±3ppm/0° C
Operating Temperature 41° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C) 85% RH or less (no condensation)
Pan Size 128 x 128 mm 165 x 165 mm 270 x 210 mm
Physical Dimensions 210 x 317 x 86 mm 300 x 355 x 111 mm
Weight 4.6 kg 5.1 kg 9.3 kg
Ext. Cal. Mass (optional) 1,000 g 6,000 g 10 kg 30 kg
Power 120/240 AC adapter
Warranty Five-year limited warranty
Return Policy A&D Weighing Standard Policy – restock fee may apply

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.

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