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RICE LAKE MotoWeigh® Cascade Scale
July 2, 2019
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RICE LAKE BCi Belt Scale Weigh Frame
July 4, 2019

A&D Inspection

AD-4961 Checkweighers

  • Stainless steel, IP65 rated
  • Seven-inch, color touchscreen
  • Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP standard
  • Rejecter output, alarm output, metal detector input, RS-232C, TCP/IP and USB port

*Assembly is required

AD-4971 Metal Detector

  •  Protected from dust and water to IP65 standards.Hygienic design with the entire system washable
  •  Suitable for use in HACCP program
  •  Automatic sensitivity setting function
  •  Easy operation with 7 inch color touch panel
  •  Variable belt speed of 10-60m/min
  •  Standard Ethernet I/O allowing easy networking via LAN
  •  Inspection history function with the ability to record 100 inspection results in the internal memory
  •  Detachable conveyor belt

*Assembly is required



AD-4961 Checkweigher

Checkweighing with unparalleled simplicity and best-in-class precision is possible with the AD-4961. The A&D Inspection series checkweigher has a newly developed digital load cell with precise checkweighing within 0.08 grams. This level of precision minimizes the giveaway of materials above the specified weight, while also maintaining a high maximum speed of 320 pieces per minute. The AD-4961 utilizes a modular, IP65 stainless steel design for an entire system washdown, and its seven-inch color touchscreen provides a graphic user-friendly interface for easy system operation.

AD-4971 Metal Detector

Metal detection simplified, the A&D metal detector is capable of detecting metal contaminants in products, contributing to the delivery of safe goods to customers. The AD-4971 provides high-sensitivity detection with an automatic sensitivity setting, and its seven-inch color touch panel with a graphic interface offers simple and user-friendly operation. The system is protected from dust and water to IP65 standards with its hygienic, washable design, suitable for use in HACCP applications.


AD-4961-600-1224 Specifications:

AD-4961-2KD-2035 Specifications:

AD-4961-6K-2035 Specifications:

AD-4971 Metal Detector Specifications:

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be purchased through Weighing Technologies. Please call us at (281) 474-5277 or fill out a request online.