Best Industrial Scales to Use in a Warehouse in 2020

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Best Industrial Scales to Use in a Warehouse in 2020

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With the number of warehouse scales on the market continuously increasing, along with the improvements in scale technologies, it can be challenging to figure out which types of scales are best suited for particular specialized purposes. At the same time, it is extremely important to use the right scale for the job, in order to ensure that you are getting accurate measurements. When shopping for a warehouse scale you want to keep in mind the environment the scale will be functioning in and what exactly will be weighed.


Industrial Scales

Industrial floor scales perform phenomenally well in warehouses. They will provide highly accurate readings which will reduce losses, and they can be used to weigh heavier items. To transport items onto the scale, a forklift or manual labor can be used. Floor scales are a stationary scale and can be placed in a central and easily accessible location within the warehouse.


Forklift Scales

Another great option for use in your warehouse is a forklift scale. By using a forklift scale, you can cut out having to transport the items over to a scale, and rather just weigh them while they’re directly on the forklift. One drawback to using this type of scale is that the maximum weight of the scale will be determined by the maximum amount of weight the forklift can hold, since the scale will be attached as an add on to the forklift. Imagine that you are picking up a pallet of product with a forklift. You would be weighing it at the same time you pick it up to bring it over to a truck for delivery. That’s nice, and an example of how weighing technologies have evolved to help the workflow.


Scales Repair

At Weighing Technologies Inc., we also offer a preventative maintenance program. Preventative Maintenance is a good precaution to take when using scales. You can be sure that you’re always getting the most accurate readings possible, and not encountering any incorrect measurements which could lead to potential losses for your company. If you sign up for this program, your scales will be regularly recalibrated to meet the ISO 17025-2017 calibration standard. We at Weighing Technologies, Inc. are certified at all of our locations for balances and class 1 SS weights up to 6,000 grams, and for light, medium and heavy capacity scales ranging up to 400,000 lbs! NIST certified weights will be used to calibrate your scales, and any repairs will be made if necessary. This is a great way to make sure your scales are consistently functioning at peak performance.


Rental Scales

If you only need to use a warehouse scale a few times a year, whether it’s seasonally, or only during emergencies, consider renting instead of buying. When you rent scales from Weighing Technologies Inc., the scale will come calibrated and with an ISO 17025-2017 certificate. The scale can be delivered to you, and scales are available 24/7. We have crane scales, bench scales, floor scales, and truck scales available for you to rent. Or if you just need to recalibrate a scale you already have, we also have various types of calibration weights available to be rented. For more information, or to rent a scale, visit


Choosing a Scale

Whether it’s an industrial floor scale, a forklift scale, or a rental scale, make sure that you do your research before you decide what type of scale suits your warehouses’ needs best. To find out more information about the types of scales discussed above, you can look through our website, or contact us by phone at (281) 474-5277.