Types of Agricultural Scales on the Market

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agricultural scale, livestock scale

Types of Agricultural Scales on the Market

Livestock scale, agricultural scale
Accuracy is an essential element within the Agricultural Industry, and scales used for weighing livestock are no exception. They must be up to date, durable, and calibrated properly, ensuring that you obtain the most accurate results possible. Inaccuracies when dealing with livestock weight can affect profits, and even animal performance as well. In order to get an accurate weight reading, you need to be sure that you are using the right kind of scale. It’s important to know about the different types of Agricultural Scales on the market so that you can understand which one will best fit your needs. Here are some of the types of agricultural scales and readouts we carry at Weighing Technologies, Inc. that provide accuracy and represent the latest advancements in weighing technology for the agricultural industry.

Farm Bars

The most basic livestock scale you can get is a Farm Bar Scale, like the RICE LAKE Farm Bars on our website. Farm Bar Scales are a type of farm scale that is easy and convenient to use, due to the fact that they can be placed under platforms or cages and used to weigh livestock in virtually any location. Farm bars are extremely durable, and often weather-proof, due to the fact they are typically constructed from steel. These heavy-duty, electronic load cell scales can be mounted under most cattle squeeze chutes, hog crates, feed hoppers and custom platforms.

Digital Weight Indicator

Digital weight indicators are your best option if your primary concern is Legal for Trade measurement. Weight indicators will clearly show the weight of the animal, displaying it digitally. Rice Lake’s 482-AG Livestock Digital Weight Indicator is the ideal Legal for Trade indicator for the ranch or farm, programmed for the specific needs of animal handling. The multi-animal tracking software allows users to weigh animals individually or in groups. Add a printer and the 482-AG will also keep track of shrink, head count and total herd weight.

Floor Scales

Floor scales, like the RICE LAKE RoughDeck® HP Floor Scale that we carry are straight-forward and easy to use. These scales are stationary and will give an accurate reading, however unlike Single Animal scales, they often do not come with built in bars to keep the animal in place, and also lack noise reduction technologies.

Single Animal Scales (SAS)

Single Animal Scales are great for smaller operations, where only one animal needs to be weighed at a time. Not only do these give you the animal’s weight, they also give you a Legal for Trade weight reading. SAS include heavy-duty stainless-steel bars, to keep the animal in place in order to get an accurate reading. Different variations of SAS also come with advanced features, such as noise reduction, or padded flooring. An example that we carry is the RICE LAKE Single Animal Scale – SAS.

Full-Size Livestock Scales

A step up from SAS, these scales allow for the weighing of multiple animals at once. A great example of one we carry at Weighing Technologies, Inc is the RICE LAKE Portable Group Livestock Scale – MAS-P. Many of these scales also come with Legal for Trade weight reading features, as well as NTEP certifications. A full-size livestock scale comes in various forms, such as a Livestock Ring Scale, a Mechanical Stationary Livestock Scale, or a Mobile Group Livestock Scale. When choosing from the different types of full-size livestock scales, it’s important to consider why, when, and where the scale will be most frequently used. Livestock Ring Scales are highly customizable but are stationary. If you’re looking for a portable scale, you’re better off looking into getting a product such as a Mobile Group Livestock Scale, which will allow for the weighing of multiple animals at once, anytime and anyplace. Some mobile farm scales can easily be attached to a trailer and will read as long as they are placed on a firm surface, like the RICE LAKE Mobile Group Livestock Scale – MAS-M, which we also carry.

Choosing a Scale

When choosing a scale, remember to think about when and where the scale will typically be used. Will you primarily be weighing one animal at a time, or multiple? Is it important for you to get a Legal for Trade reading? Is it important that the scale is NTEP certified? These are a few questions you should answer before looking for a scale to ensure that you’re investing in the agricultural scale which is best suited for your needs.